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Software industry in Pakistan: what 2017 holds

Software industry in Pakistan: what 2017 holds

Feb 22 2017

Pakistan’s Software industry churns out tons of impressive work every year in terms of freelance programs, software codes and designs. Over the years Pakistan has created a niche for itself and is now considered as the most preferred outsourcing destination across the globe. The selling point of Pakistani Software freelancers is their quality of work, being competitive with top freelancing countries with a bonus of economical digital labor, thereby attracting contractors from around the globe. It is pertinent to mention here that internet proliferation has proved to be the main game changer for all freelance jobs, especially IT related in our region.

According to an estimate the rate at which freelancing is progressing in Pakistan, by 2020 one in every three workers will be an online freelancer. The tech market holds further potential to grow as more than 10,000 IT graduates are added to the existing pool each year and return of the foreign qualified Pakistani graduates further fosters the industry. As of now the number of registered I.T. companies exceeds 1,500 providing a strong foothold to the upcoming generation.

Numerous Pakistani entrepreneurs and startups in the IT industry have proved their mettle time after time. Their commitment to innovative software solutions is making a significant contribution to this vibrant sector of Pakistan’s economy and their commitment to nurture the software industry is substantiating Pakistan as the land of opportunities if you are in anyway linked to the technology industry.

Noticeable trends in the IT industry include fragmentation into highly specialized segments and technologies, noticeable increase in startup activity, self-taught individuals who availed of all of the freely available course materials to educate themselves.

Over the years the IT industry in Pakistan has evolved and has now made its mark globally. The public and the private sector have played a congruent role in its success. The industry however has further room for growth which is now being fulfilled by supportive role played by incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.


About the author: Farah Asim is a Marketing and Communication Strategist with over 17 years of corporate exposure and has been associated with Godnnpro in the same capacity.

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